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            An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Co.

Earth Braids is one of the pioneers in manufacturing Copper Wire Flexible Products.

The List of Products includes,

  • Copper Wire Braided Strips and Copper Wire Braided Ropes
  • Copper Wire Stranded Ropes and Copper Flexible Conductors
  • Copper Flexible Connectors , Copper Ground Straps , Copper Flexible Shunts and Copper Bonding Straps
  • Aluminium Wire Braided Products and Other Non Ferrous Metal Wire Braided Products. 

At Earth Braids we manufacture wide range of Copper Wire Flexible Products as per customer requirement.  These Copper Flexible Products are available in various shapes and sizes , in Bare Copper or with Tin or Silver Plating and with or without insulation. These Copper Flexible Connectors are made from pure electrolytic Copper Wire. The purity of this copper wire is minimum 99.96%.

These Copper Flexibles are used at wide area of application Such as Chemical Industry, Petroleum Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Electricity Generation and Distribution Industry,  Electrical  Industry, Electronic Industry, Automobile Industry, Shipping Industry,  Railways, Airway, Telecommunication and So on. These Copper Flexible are used for both power transmission and earthing solution. At Earth Braids our aim is to provide best product at most economic price.

Over the period of time as Copper is being quite costly, as a result people opt for cheaper metals like aluminium. At Earth Braid we also manufacture Flexible made from Aluminium Wires.Though aluminium is not as preferred as copper it can be used in place of copper for both power transmissions and earthing solution provided certain current density issues are taken care of. Though aluminium does not have as much as strength like copper it can best substitute for copper provided proper fitting and material safety issue are resolved.